Why Build Semi-Custom?

We are listening! Do you have the need for seasonal living, less maintenance, and lower cost of ownership? Maybe you would like to travel and enjoy life without being anchored to your home. At St. Vincent Contracting we have the solution with our semi-custom home option. Here is how we simplify your life….

Semi-custom contracting based on existing blueprints, but the home buyer is typically able to change the plans prior to construction to conform to their personal preferences. Once construction has begun, however, there is less flexibility to make changes.
The home can be built on land the builder or the buyer owns. Because the home is not being designed from scratch, it often costs less and is completed in a faster timeframe than a full custom home. Click to find out more!

  1. Our first consultation together will establish what is important to you in relation to your new home. We discuss items like location, size, function and financial considerations as they affect your new home process.
  2. The next step is working on the correct property. We take this time to understand your needs and how they relate to the use of the land. This is where clients see the greatest value in what we have to offer. Most contractors do not take the time to discuss the affects of the house and lot together.
  3. When we have the right property in place we find the perfect plan that would suite your needs. We believe the home should work for you and be able to grow with you should different needs arise.
  4. Once the price meets your satisfaction we proceed with construction. The process takes approximately 75-90 days. During the project you have access to your own personal online portal. This portal helps keep you connected to the project from anywhere and anytime.
  5. Once the construction is completed you are able enjoy your beautiful new home! You will have satisfaction knowing you own a quality home that came with a stress free process.

Focused on detail and value, St. Vincent Contracting provides clients with a seamless beginning-to-end homebuilding experience. From the initial design to finishing touches, you can rely on St. Vincent Contracting’s longstanding experience and dedication to build a quality custom home for your family's future.

One feature that makes St. Vincent Contracting different is our excellent long-term relationships with our suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. We rely on our network of trusted suppliers to provide quality products in each phase of the home building process. These relationships ensure better service and quality with cost-effective pricing.

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