St. Vincent Custom Contracting is a family-owned construction contracting company specializing in new-home construction.  St. Vincent’s has combined experience with dedication to create your perfect home.  Proudly owned and operated by Jake Tupy, our team has well over 10 years of knowledge, skills, and expertise which has proven to be the perfect formula in creating affordable, fully-customized homes without sacrificing quality.  This proven perfection also includes trusted subcontractors who have been with us for years, as well as some relatively new-comers who bring a fresh eye and new perspective to all areas of the home.  Having never built the same house twice, you are guaranteed to get a home with character, designed especially how you imagined it. As a professional construction management company, we build custom homes with pride and integrity.

Whether you are looking to settle into your long awaited acreage home site or you are craving the convenient suburban style of living, you can be certain that we will deliver you a home that fits your budget and lifestyle.  We take a very hands-on approach and act as your guide every step of the way. St. Vincent’s will not only meet but exceed your expectations of craftsmanship and attention to detail, giving you the exact “look” you have always dreamed of in your home. We are committed to customer service, quality, and satisfaction.


Why Build Custom?

Why Build Custom?

St. Vincent Custom Contracting creates well-crafted custom homes that are built exclusively around your vision so that it fits your budget. We have proven that building a custom home does in fact lie within one’s financial plan. We are in the business of building homes with character and providing unique, personalized, and affordable homes. Here are six reasons we believe it is to your benefit to build custom.
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Why Build Semi Custom?

We are listening! Do you have the need for seasonal living, less maintenance, and lower cost of ownership? Maybe you would like to travel and enjoy life without being anchored to your home. At St. Vincent Contracting we have the solution with our semi-custom home option. Here is how we simplify your life…
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- John & Deana

We just wanted to pass along our sincere 'thanks!' to the entire team including all of your sub-contractors. We couldn't be happier with our new home, and we have enjoyed every minute in it! The quality is outstanding, and everyone comments on the fantastic workmanship; clearly, no detail was missed. While we too love how our beautiful home looks, what we love more is how it 'lives.’ Jake made the design process easy and FUN, and because of his careful listening and creative talents we ended up with a home that fits our lifestyle like a glove. From beginning to end this has been a wonderful experience and we now have our 'dream home.'  Thanks again for all the help and outstanding customer service; we'd never build another house with anyone else!

- John & Deana
- Jeff & Christy

I just want to drop a note on how happy we are with our new home…everyone involved were top notch professionals, from concrete, framing, beautiful custom woodwork and cabinets, to siding and painting. I was also able to build my dream garage, complete with floor drains and a bathroom, perfectly matching the new house.  We have and will continue to recommend you to anyone we know looking for the best building experience possible.

- Jeff & Christy
- Kelly and Mandi

I wanted to take a few moments and express our appreciation and satisfaction we experienced ... The entire process was made easier and more enjoyable by dealing with pleasant and knowledgeable people … I was able to meet several of the contractors that worked on the house, and found them to be professional, courteous, and willing to take time to answer my questions, and the final product was exactly as promised. It is refreshing to see a company thriving on values of honesty, quality and service. Thank you for delivering a quality product.

- Kelly and Mandi
- Mike & Dore

Most of us whom have gone through the process of building a new home may agree it could be one of the most stressful periods of your life. It was extremely important for Dore and me to choose a builder with "can do" confidence and attitude-especially in today's economic environment ... The building of our home went seamlessly with very low stress, and we believe everyone involved building our home is truly a professional.  THANK YOU!!!! We love our home.

- Mike & Dore

Work and Services

"I am a very visual person." Does this phrase sound familiar? This phrase is a constant concern of many people who have the desire to build a new home but may not know where to start. Beginning the design process on a new construction home or other various construction projects, can be an overwhelming task for certain people. We do our very best to make sure the process is easy to understand and gives you the confidence you need to make sure your project works and functions well.

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From your initial contact with us, the design already begins! As conversations take place we are listening and being attentive to every need and concern you may have. Once we have an overall understanding of your needs and lifestyle we can either recommend floor plans we have built in the past which can really help keep us conscious and respect your budget. Otherwise we can start designing something completely custom to your needs and make your dreams a reality. Once the design of the project is complete and we have our well laid plans, the bid process begins. At this time we have conversations about the finishing details and product that will go into your new home. Now that the specifications have been gathered and the plan is complete, our team of contractors look at the plan in detail to give us competitive bids to make sure your home is built cost effectively without sacrificing quality or integrity. Now that we have the home designed to suite your lifestyle and priced competitively in todays market, we can then start to see your new home take shape!

Seeing the physical structure of your new home being built is a very exciting experience. The actual construction and assembly of your project also requires your faith and trust in our team. Faith and trust that we must earn in showing you a well built structure that can be enjoyed and appreciated for many years. As we begin the build process together we will be communicating with you on schedule timelines and helping you understand what we do and why we do it.

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Our entire team recognizes it is important that the customer understands how their house is assembled, constructed, and delivered. This helps our clients feel more involved and connected to there new home. At St. Vincent contracting we know the importance of understanding how your home works and what it takes to maintain in light of your new and ever changing building code. That is why we take our time as the project comes to completion to do an extensive walkthrough and explain all the different mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment. This helps keep your new home opperating efficiently for years to come. From the the initial ground breaking to the closing table, St. Vincent Custom Contracting will be onsite every step of the way making sure you receive open communication, respectful interaction, and timely delivery of your project.

Perhaps the most important piece of this whole process is finding the right place for your new home. Wether your concern is location to work or school, or trying to find that perfect spot for a more recreational lifestyle. We at St. Vincent pride ourselves in making sure all your efforts do not end in the design and build of your home, but that the backdrop of your home compliments and completes the project. We have helped many people and families over the years achieve their dreams through finding the correct property to fit there lifestyle.

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Your future plans could be a lake home, acreage homesite, or finding the right subdivision close to all the amenities. Over the many years in the business of construction and land sales we also have the ability to develop and subdivided property. This experience gives us the ability to offer a skill set to make the package as a whole flows well. This is an advantage that most contractors cannot offer. Whatever your needs are, wether the need is large or small , we have the resources and talent to ensure your home and property compliment themselves for a truly amazing home building experience.

Get Started

Every great story has a beginning and an end. So to begin your custom project we start by getting to know you so we can build you a home that will suit not only the present but the future as well. As your story begins we would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of it and to offer you our dedicated services with integrity and passion!


Before we meet to talk about your project we will need some preliminary information from you. If you are looking to build a new home, please take a moment to complete the New Home Construction Questionnaire. Upon review, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.


To begin your custom project, we want to get to know you. At this meeting, we will discuss your questionnaire with you and begin to pinpoint your wants and needs: covering details such as the lot and location, size and style, and even the budget you have for your new home. This meeting gives our customers the perfect opportunity to show us any floor plans, pictures, sketches, examples, or other details they have envisioned for their home.


Following our initial meeting, we will address any questions or concerns regarding your project. Once we have a detailed outline of specifications for your home, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate. St Vincent’s will prepare a basic design of these provisions to support and clarify the estimate.


Once the estimate has been approved by you, we will present all of the necessary paperwork to begin making your new home a reality. The plans, specifications sheet, and contract will be signed by you and St. Vincent Custom Contracting—then, the construction of your new custom home will officially be underway!

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